The only word you need to know when coming into the Hofbräuhaus is PROST!

Here at the Cleveland Hofbräuhaus, modeled after the 400 year old original in Munich, Germany, there is no lack of food, fun and of course, bier.

Steeped in Bavarian tradition, all of our German dishes are exactly what you would find in the heart of Bavaria; from fresh-baked pretzels sold by our infamous Pretzel Girls, to schnitzel pieces the biggest you’ve ever seen, many of our dishes use ingredients imported from abroad and are specially made to go from our kitchen to your plate. You can enjoy your lunch or dinner in the spirited atmosphere of our Beer Hall where you’ll quickly become friends with everyone raising their steins around you, or in our more quiet dining rooms where the focus is the fare.

Our food may be amazing but our true heritage is our freshly brewed beer following the “Reinheitsgebot” or “Bavarian Beer Purity Law” originating in 1516, and we serve them the same now as they were served over 400 years ago when the very first Hofbräuhaus beer was crafted. Discover one of the 4 all year round varieties or seasonal brews.

Don’t forget to take a piece of Bavaria home with you from our gift shop stocked with gifts, clothing, and novelties!

Our Rooms

Hofbräuhaus Bier Hall

Singing, dancing, laughing, and eating are all common sights in the Bier Hall. Modeled after the authentic 400-year-old Bier Hall at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany, the Bier Hall brings a piece of Bavaria to you. Featuring the magnificent signature Hofbräuhaus chandeliers, long wooden tables and benches, live music every day, and seats for 440 of your closest friends, the Bier Hall is the perfect place to relax on a lunch break or celebrate the beginning of the weekend with friends, old and new!

Hermit Club Restaurant

Enjoy a piece of Bavaria at Hofbräuhaus Cleveland in an intimate, quiet setting. The Hermit Club Restaurant is a 100-year-old dining room that was once frequented by Cleveland’s top aristocrats, artists, and musicians. Now open to the public, the Hermit Club Restaurant whisks you away to a mountainside restaurant in the Alps, where authentic food and rich conversation go hand in hand. Featuring a special selection of menu items, the Hermit Club Restaurant is ideal for smaller groups of between 4-8 guests, with a total capacity of 50 guests. Reservations are encouraged 1.216.777.9838.

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Take the staircase just south of the Bier Stube, and you will find yourself in the Festsaal, or celebration room. Murals and paintings adorn the room, and the simple grandeur of the space will leave you nothing short of awestruck. Holding up to 120 guests, the Festsaal can be rented out for private events, and is one of Cleveland’s most unique party spaces.



Step outside of the Bier Hall and The Hermit Club and experience a true German Biergarten. With 180-seats outside, picnic-table style seating, a walk-up food and beverage stand, music and, a playground for the kids, it is an ideal place to sip on a cold bier and relax with family and friends. We do not take reservations in the Biergarten.

Hermit Club Patio

The Hermit Club Patio, located outside the historical Hermit Club building at Hofbräuhaus Cleveland offers a full-service dining experience from a special Hermit Club menu as well as from the traditional Hofbräuhaus Cleveland menu, the Hermit Club Patio is a perfect, intimate place to enjoy a fresh, cold beer and authentic German food.

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