Here at Hofbräuhaus Cleveland, we have live music every day during lunch and dinner service! Meet the bands who bring us to Bavaria every day!

Brian Papesh Band

Brian Papesh (Accordion, Button Box, Keyboard & Vocals) originally formed his first band in 1980. The band performed at many private parties, weddings, dances, and community events throughout the 80’s and 90’s before disbanding. It has been Brian’s dream to put the band back together again and has recently been re-united with former band members Ron Burdzinski (Drums and Vocals) and Keith Parker (Guitar, Banjo and Vocals) as well as multi instrumentalist Michael Dragas Jr. (Sound Engineer & Bass guitar). This seasoned group of professional musicians plays a great mix of party music that makes people want to get up on their feet to dance and sing along with the band. The band easily switches from playing dynamic sounding Polkas, to authentic sounding Rock n Roll, Country and many other genres. Join in on the fun with the Brian Papesh Party band at the Cleveland Hofbräuhaus!  VISIT OUR WEBSITE

Anthony Culkar

Anthony Culkar has been playing the accordion all his life. Brought up with Slovenian culture, it was natural to pick the accordion up at an early age. He has mastered all of the styles of polka music as well as other styles of music in general. Anthony plays at Hofbräuhaus Cleveland as a soloist or duo, as well as filling in with some of the bands in the lineup.



Bob Kravos

Bob Kravos is more than just an accordion player, bandleader, composer, and entertainer with a great sense of humor and charisma; he’s arguably the best accordion player of his generation. Bob has released over 80 successful recordings in his career.

Robert H. Kravos, Jr. was born 1967 into a Cleveland, Ohio based Slovenian-American family where the heritage of Slovenian-American style polkas flourished. Bob is the great nephew of the legendary America’s Polka King, Frankie Yankovic, who popularized the Slovenian-Cleveland Style of polka music. At the age of six, Bob saw his great uncle playing the accordion on stage and decided he would like to do the same.

Bob’s greatest musical mentors were Frankie Yankovic and another legend, Joey Miskulin, who was a member of The Yankovic Band playing second accordion for many years. Bob was honored with a grant from the State of Ohio to take lessons with Joey while Bob’s great uncle Frankie would also periodically stop by the house and give him a few pointers. Frankie taught him how to be an entertainer and Joey Miskulin showed him how to do excellent finger work on the accordion keyboard. Bob is known for his accordion runs and fill finger work repertoire, which has become legendary in the Polka community. Right out of high school, Bob traveled with Frankie Yankovic for a period of seven years. Bob played all across the country with Frank. Playing with Frankie Yankovic and the Yanks, Bob did television appearances on The Polka Variety Show.

In 1987, Bob formed his own band, Bob Kravos And The Boys In The Band, which plays a wide variety of music. Though focused on Slovenian-Style polkas, they also enjoy performing country, pop, swing, rock, and more. The Kravos-Style music is a twist between Yankovic, Vadnal, and his own Kravos flavor. Bob has entertained Polka music fans in over 30 states, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. He has had the pleasure of hosting entertainment group trips on cruise ship lines, and has enjoyed hosting bus tours for many, many years.

Bob was nominated for a Grammy in both 2004 and 2009. In 1993, The Collinwood Slovenian Home honored Bob as Musician of the Year and in 2011, the West Park Slovenian Home named him Slovenian Man of the Year. The Polka Hall of Fame has honored the band and all of its members with multiple awards, including, for Bob Kravos and Norm Kobal, the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. They also awarded him:

♪ Best New/Young Band of the Year – 1992 ♪ Recording of the Year – (“Boys In The Band” Bob Kravos & The Boys In The Band) – 1998 ♪ Band of the Year – 1998, 2004 and 2005 ♪ Musician of the Year – 2004 and 2010 ♪ Recording of the Year (“Just For You” Bob Kravos and Walter Ostanek) – 2004 ♪ Recording of the Year – (“The Best of Cleveland/Style” Bob Kravos) – 2010 ♪ Recording of the Year (“Something For Everyone” Bob Kravos) – 2011 ♪ Recording of the Year (“We Are Back” Bob Kravos and Walter Ostanek) – 2014

Bob has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such notable artists as Dick Contino; The Diamonds; Jerry Murad’s Harmonicats; Florence Henderson; Bob and Dolores Hope; Meadowlark Lemon of the Harlem Globetrotters; Rich Little; Charlie McCoy; Don Newcombe; Stampeders; Slappy White; Michelle Wright; and, Buckwheat Zydeco. Bob recently released a new CD titled Waltzes From The Heart. This fine CD contains many favorite waltzes including: Over the Bridge, Zaplula, Dorothy, Alone Again, Over Three Hills, With This Ring, etc. The CD won Album of the Month in February 2016 ( (

Bob owns and operates Kravos Recording in Chardon, OH.


The Casuals

The Casuals have been performing since the mid 1950’s. The band has performed all over the United States and Canada with the biggest stars in the Polka Business. Kick off your weekend with The Casuals!



Chardon Polka Band

The Chardon Polka Band is not your average polka band, with the ability to please any audience. Whether it be 20-somethings at a college hang-out or the patrons of a local senior center, they are a group that brings new life and energy to this traditional music. While the group has an extensive catalogue of traditional polkas, they are not afraid to bring their own tunes into the mix along with polka-pop covers of artists like Justin Bieber and Lady Ga Ga. The band got their start in the Cleveland music scene; playing countless area fairs, festivals, and venues. While remaining very active in Cleveland, the band can often be found taking their music on the road and performing at a variety of events across the United States. From performing at an NFL game to headlining for some of the largest Oktoberfests in the nation to opening for the prestigious Cleveland Orchestra; the band loves pleasing crowds anywhere and everywhere.



The Cleveland Donauschwäbische Blaskapelle

In 1958, the Cleveland Society of Danube Swabians’ Brass Band & Posaunenchor was founded by Peter Glatt and Reverend Horst Hoyer. Songs performed consisted primarily of waltzes, polkas, and marches.

As the Cleveland DSB enters into its 57th year, under the direction of Julie Williams, the traditions of Danube Swabian brass bands continue as the DSB performs long standing waltzes, polkas, and marches. Special thanks to all who have supported the Cleveland DSB, past and present!



Der Muzik Box

Der Muzik Box has been performing for over 30 years not only in the Cleveland area, their home base, but throughout Ohio. Michigan, New York, western Pennsylvania and Indiana are other states they have performed in. They play a high energy style music with the main goal to be as entertaining as possible. Tom directs the Cleveland Polka Hall of Fame All-Star Band at the Thanksgiving weekend Polka Party at the downtown Marriott.


Deutscher Musik Verein

The DMV, as they are often referred to, is not the Department of Motor Vehicles but Cleveland’s own Deutscher Musik Verein – auf englisch, German Music Society. They love to bring oom-pah music and more wherever they go while celebrating all things German, the joy of music and friendships – new and old. And did we mention that they have a lot of fun doing all that they do! So come out for a good time with the DMV, along with the talents of Fred Ziwich at the helm as “Herr Direktor.” Like them on Facebook and find more information about the DMV on their website.

Website Facebook


Ed Klimczak

Get whisked away to Germany by Ed Klimczak on your lunch break! Take a mid-week break from work and enjoy classic Bavarian songs!



Eric Noltkamper

Eric Noltkamper has been performing for over 30 years. He grew up in St. Louis, MO starting accordion lessons at age 13. He began teaching himself other instruments shortly after and performing with local bands as well as one of his biggest influences, “America’s Polka King”, Frank Yankovic on the road.

Eric went to college in Wisconsin in 1991 and continued playing with Yankovic as well as many of the great area artists like Gordon Hartmann, Verne & Steve Meisner, Jeff Winard, and Grant Kozera.

In 1994, Eric released his first CD entitled “Reflections of Cleveland”. On this recording, he played all the instruments, himself, in honor of some of the greatest polka bands.

In 1995, Eric changed gears and teamed up with Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones, an award winning Polish style band from Chicago. Eddie’s iconic band spent 150+ days a year on the road.

In 1998, Eric married Nancy Hlad and is now settled in Cleveland. They recorded an album together “At Last” in 2008 and perform together regularly with Nancy on the button accordion.

Over the years, Eric has enjoyed the opportunity to perform with many of the artists that influenced him. He’s made many friends and had a lot of interesting experiences on the road performing in over 27 states and on TV including the PBS documentary “Polka Passion”. He’s produced over 12 recordings of his own and performed on countless other recordings some even Grammy nominated. He’s been nominated and won awards from the Polka Hall of Fame, Just Plain Folks(2009 Album of the Year) and Cleveland’s Fox 8 Hotlist(5th out of 248 bands).

Eric’s music spans many ethnic backgrounds as well as the great American standards.

Today, Eric uses his musical experience and versatility to perform as a solo artist and one man band performing for dances, festivals and private parties. He is also proud to be a regular performer at Cleveland’s Hofbrauhaus which allows him to connect with his German heritage.



Frank Moravcik and Magic Buttons

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, The Frank Moravcik Band was formed in 1995. The main emphasis of their music is on the “Cleveland Style” of polka music, however, they are known for their ability to perform a wide variety of different styles of polka music and popular dance tunes too.

Frank was highly influenced by America’s Polka King, Frankie Yankovic as he had an opportunity to perform with him at various venues. Frank and the band have been honored by various organizations including the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame. Frank was honored as Musician of the Year by the Collinwood Slovenian Home in Cleveland, Ohio and the band was the recipient of the Best New/Young Band award from the Polka Hall of Fame.

Individually, Frank has been a recipient of the Musician of the Year Award and collectively, the band has received numerous nominations in the categories of Band of the Year and Album of the Year.



Fred Ziwich & His International Sound Machine

Fred Ziwich will fill several roles at Hofbräuhaus Cleveland. Besides being the Entertainment Coordinator, making sure the best bands and musicians appear on a daily basis, he will entertain as a one-man band at lunchtime and with his award winning “International Sound Machine” on the weekends.

You can expect to hear a huge variety of music, all the way from the most traditional and modern German and Austrian Melodies, to classic sing-along rock and roll favorites, and all the popular and favorite songs that involve audience participation. They take pride in playing all of your requests and adapting the songs that they play to each different audience.

Their recording of “Let’s Get Festive” which features many of the songs that they regularly play at the Hofbräuhaus won the award for “Best German Recording of 2013” from the Polka American Corporation and the best “Polka/Variety Recording” as voted on by the listeners of, the World’s Polka Network.

Some of their other awards include being a finalist for the Grammy Award in the Polka category for 2007. Plus, Fred was the German-American Citizen of the Year for 2007, and elected as a lifetime achievement winner for the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame in 2010.

Come and Get Festive with the “I.S.M.” Prost!



Gottscheer Blaskapelle

In 1969, the Gottscheer Blaskapelle was founded by its present Director and President, Edmund J. Seifert. When the band started it only had five members, but in these few members Seifert saw great promise. Now well beyond its 40th year, the Blaskapelle has grown significantly from those early days. The success of the band can be attributed to the hard work of Edmund Seifert and the many fine musicians that make up the band.

The purpose of the Gottscheer Blaskapelle is to preserve, teach and promote the Gottscheer musical heritage through performances given by the band.



Joey Tomsick and the “Shotskis”

Joey and the boys look forward to entertaining you at Hofbräuhaus Cleveland and making your visit fun and unforgettable! From a lively 2-piece duet all the way up to a 5-piece ensemble, the “Shotskis” deliver German classics and fun party songs with great showmanship and energy. Led by Joey Tomsick with great vocals by Hank Guzel, the band has been a mainstay in Cleveland since 1984, having won numerous awards from the National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame and have performed on tour throughout the US, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. So raise your stein and sing along with Joey and the Shotskis!




Kordupel-Culkar Band

The Kordupel-Culkar Band plays traditional polkas and waltzes of many nationalities, especially German, and covers other styles of music as well. Featuring Alex Kordupel on the Saxophone, and Anthony Culkar on the Accordion, the group performs at Hofbrauhaus mostly as a Duo, but can be seen as a trio or four piece band from time to time, always pleasing the crowd with happy music.



Mike Wojtila

Mike Wojtila has been entertaining audiences for over 30 years.   Mike is an accomplished keyboard player, accordionist and vocals are his specialty.. .His people pleasing personality and showmanship, blended with the vocal talents of Julie Slattery or Kelly Pease are a great combination when hiring live music in Cleveland. The two blend together perfectly.  They play a variety of music from Polka to jazz standards and oldies/motown to pop/rock, country to present music and more.



Patty C & The Guys

Patty C & the Guys started in February 2014. The members include Patty Candela on button box, Joe Strukel on piano accordion, Lenny J on sax, clarinet, and Mike T on the drums. The band plays different styles of polkas, waltz and other music like rumbas, latin and slow song favorites. On November 2014 and 2015 the band won the Button box group of the year award from the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame. Patty & the Guys are currently working on putting the first CD out and hoping in the next couple of months.


Polka Revolution

Aaron Dussing formed “Polka Revolution” in 2010 with two of his High School friends. The three original members are still playing together today, along with the other members that have since been added. Ever since his German grandparents introduced him to ethnic music at a young age, Aaron has always carried on the musical traditions of his family. He sings in seven languages, specializes in authentic Alpine yodeling, and can play a wide range of 20 different musical instruments, but accordion is his instrument of choice on stage. He is also a composer, having had his High School band composition performed in Severance Hall in 2013. “Polka Revolution” has become an Oktoberfest favorite, having been called to play shows throughout Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. They are also experienced in ballroom dance music. Though they specialize in German music, they are happy to play other European music, as well as American standards, Jazz, and Rock.




The PROSIT-teers! are a German/American dance band in Northeast/Northwest Ohio. They are VERY excited about providing excellent and DIFFERENT, highly danceable and memorable music at the Hofbrau Haus, Cleveland. Members of the band include:

• John on accordion, saxes, keyboard and lead vocals
• Tom on drums and vocals
• Butch on bass guitar
• Tony on lead/rhythm guitar and lead vocals

They’ve all had extensive experience playing or leading bands in the past and are all seasoned musicians with decades of experience in professional ethnic and other types of bands (country, classic rock, surf-rock, jazz/blues, etc.) Most of the band members belong to the various German clubs in the area and have been their entire lives. Needless to say, The PROSIT-teers! are very glad and excited to have formed and are ready to perform throughout Ohio and surrounding states.
Previous performances include Oktoberfest/German fests in Sterling Hts., MI, Toledo, Dayton, Sandusky, Brunswick, Wilmington, Cuyahoga Falls, Akron, Brimfield and more. Combined, they have played for countless dance events, New Years Eve celebrations, weddings and many club-based events in OH, PA, and MI. They hope to see you at Hofbrauhaus Cleveland!



Schnickelfritz, known as the “de facto” late night house band at Hofbrauhaus Cleveland has been performing at the venue since they opened their doors in 2014.

Guests can expect to hear a wide variety of music from both traditional and modern German beer drinking polkas as well as waltzes to rock and roll sing along favorites from the 1950’s to present day.

Seasoned, professional musicians, along with acclaimed female vocalist, Christine Hibbs, Schnickelfritz offers much versatility to accommodate your special event.

Typically performing as a 6 piece band, Schnickelfritz guarantees a fun-filled, and spectacular event, guests have referred to as “The Schnickelfritz Experience!”

Please check out our Facebook page “Schnickelfritz” to view over 20 sample videos of the band at our very best!