Where to park?

When visiting Hofbräuhaus Cleveland the thought of where to park may arrive. There are numerous lots dotted around Hofbräuhaus Cleveland, and a valet service on certain nights of the week. Use the information provided below to plan your next trip to Hofbräuhaus Cleveland!


Take the hassle out of parking! Hofbräuhaus Cleveland has teamed up with VIP Valet to offer valet parking services at a discounted rate with a validated restaurant bill. VIP Valet parking is available Wednesday through Sunday, though hours may vary.

Valet hours of operation are:
Wednesday – Friday 4PM till close

Saturday – Sunday 11AM till close

Valet operated by VIP VALET


Area Parking Lots

Guests of Hofbräuhaus can now park in the lot on the corner of Chester and East 13th (Lot#4).  Pricing for the lot typically is $5 per vehicle, excluding special events. After you pay the lot attendants you will receive a pink ticket. When you bring in the pink ticket, from the lot attendant on 13th and Chester, you will receive a $3 discount on your Hofbräuhaus bill of more than $25.

Lot # Lot Name Operator Phone Hours
1 Playhouse Square Garage ABM
2 Middough & Surface Lot 13th & Chester ABM Mon-Fri: 5a-7p
3 Sterling Building USA 216-621-5550 Mon-Friday: 6a-8p
4 Chester E. 13th City of Ceveland 216-664-2711 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
5 Payne Avenue Shaia 216-621-0328
6 Payne Walnut Shaia 216-621-0328 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
7 E. 17th St Payne USA 216-621-5550 M-Sun: (out by 12am)
8 Lot 17 Med-All 216-241-1380
9 Chester E 17th Shaia 216-621-0328 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
10 State Lot PS
11 CSU West Garage CSU 216-687-2023 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
12 W Theater Lot ABM 216-621-6600 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
13 Halle Garage ABM 216-241-2139 Mon-Fri: 6a-11p
Sat-Sun: 7a-3p
14 US Bank ABM 216-621-6600
Mon-Fri 5a-12a
15 Hanna Garage Shaia 216-621-0328 Mon-Sun: 6a-10p
16 1701 Prospect Shaia 216-621-0328 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
17 Prospect E 18th ABM 216-621-6600 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
18 1416 Prospect USA 216-621-5550 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
19 2171 E 14th USA 216-621-5550 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
20 2160 E. 18th USA 216-621-5550 Mon-Sun: 6a-6p
21 1807 Prospect 216-861-0001 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
22 Wolstein Lot, 1901 Prospect ABM 216-621-6600 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
23 1997 Prospect USA 216-621-5550 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
24 Prospect E 21st USA 216-261-5550 Mon-Sun: 24 hours
25 CSU South Garage CSU Parking 216-687-2023 Mon-Sun: 6a-12a
26 Triangle Honor Lot AVC 216-646-2485 Mon-Sun: 24 hours